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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Music is Universal

Music is universal.

Kenna received an Apple ipod for her birthday back in March, she's bugged me nonstop to upload music to it ever since it was gifted to her. And while she knows more about computers than  I or her father ever will know, not to mention how to get around on them (she's constantly being beckoned to come help one of us) she also knows she's not allowed to go on the computer unless she has permission from one of us and she's never to download anything.  Hence her constant nagging to me to download iTunes.

I finally downloaded it on my laptop recently (without having a few hitches, no surprise there. She even had to help me with that.) and she couldn't wait to start the music uploads. When I asked her what songs she wanted me to sync onto her ipod, thinking it would be some boy band like One Direction, (she thinks Harry Styles is dreamy) I was pleasantly surprised, then, somewhat shocked at her requests.

Without a single moment of hesitation her first requested upload was Vanessa Carlton's 'A Thousand Mile'
saying it was and always will be our song (She's my sentimental child). 

But what surprised me and I had no idea she even knew who he was, was her second requested upload - John Denver's 'Calypso'.  She knows every word and every note to it.  Her telling me to listen to the words, it's a very "profound" song. Sometimes I wonder if she's actually a 10 year old.

So far there are only the two songs on her ipod.  And although I love to watch her dance around the house singing (loudly I may add) I have to say...I'm already sick of both of those songs. Even hearing her sing them. 

It was a relief the other day to wake with an irritatingly catchy earworm of  "What would you do-Oo-oo with a Klondike bar."  LOL, I can think of a few things.