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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mindless Banter

Yes, I know I've been slacking miserably keeping up with my posts in here, and you would think with Bean now attending daycare two days out of the week, I would have more time to write.  Truth is, I do have more free time but a lot of it has been taken up with other things, mostly my mother. 

I have been writing though. Besides a monthly subscriber base blog e-mail, (although the updated site that shows a new post had been delivered has been neglected) there are also a few closed groups I contribute to on a regular basis. Aside from those, the majority of my writings have been the good old fashion way, with pen and paper. There's nothing quite like the feel of a pen in your hand and it gliding across the crisp paper beneath it.  

And until I can sit down, coffee or wine (depending on time of day) in hand and laptop open in front of me you're stuck reading what I posted today in one of my closed groups. 

Revised for blog:

There is nothing more annoying to me then to open one of my social media sites and be bombarded with posts of  -It's National "whatever" Day.  There is no way of avoiding it. So, I decided to join the craze and share a few I found amusing.

October started out with "Name Your Car Day" which fell on the 2nd day of the month. Without sounding chauvinistic, I think men are the only ones who name their cars.  Although, I have to admit I did give mine a few good off-the-cuff names the other day..."son of a b*tch", "b*st*rd" and "you piece of sh*t".

The 3rd was "Virus Appreciation Day". Really!? I'm somewhat confused about this one. Whether it be the microscopic germ type or techno type. Why would anyone "appreciate" such a day?
I did find a photo from 2013 of  Kenna with her laptop and a whimsical creature attached to it. 

Seems we celebrate "Virus Day" a lot in this household, whether we like it or not and it's usually accompanied with expletives such as...(see October 2, Name Your Car Day).

October 7th was "Pet Obesity Awareness Day" along with "You Matter To Me Day". First of all, if your pets really mattered, they wouldn't be obese. Just saying! And no matter what they say about you, you still matter to me. Unless of course you stab me in the back when I turn around.

Today the 8th is "World Octopus Day". If it was squid day instead, I'd say let's all go out for some calamari.

Tomorrow the 9th oddly enough is "Curious Events Day" which just happens to also be "Moldy Cheese Day". Surprisingly, I just bought moldy cheese and an angel food cake mix last week, which now that I think about it, I find it to be a somewhat curious event.  Strangely though, guess what October 10th is? Yep, "Angel Food Day" along with "Cake Decorating Day". Who knew!!!

The 11th is "It's My Party Day" and "Coming Out Day". Not quite sure if this is the same day only worded differently, the premise seems to be the same. Anyway, the motto for the day will be 'Come out and we'll have a party for you'. Anyone in?

The 12th is International "Moment of Frustration Day". I know a few who celebrate this daily. Just ask my daughter, in regard to her commute that is. She certainly does not need a special day to scream at her fellow driver.

The 13th is "Face Your Fears Day". This one I will, without hesitation, attempt to fulfill. I've been looking over my list of fears trying to decide which one to start with. Number 66 looks attainable.

The 14th - "Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day." This one is especially good with its placement, being after "Frustration" and "Fear" day. Someone was definitely thinking when deciding where to place it on the calendar.
And it just so happens to be listed as 66 on my list of  "Face Your Fears".

It is also "Be Bald and Free Day." I could take this in so many different directions, but I won't.
Instead I'll tell you Thursday, October 15th is "Conflict Resolution Day" and at this moment I am fighting not to go back and comment on "Bald and Free" day. Maybe today should be 'stop those sarcastic voices in my head day.'  Oh wait, the month of October just happens to be National Sarcastic Awareness Month.

Moving right along.

The 16th is not only "Bosses Day" but "Ex Day" too. Oh yeah, and "Dictionary Day" as well.
You know what would be really funny? Picture this. Everyone who took their teddy bear to work on the 14th, leave it for their boss in his/her office. I guarantee you'll wish you had a dictionary handy.

October 18th is "World Menopause Day" Does that mean those of us who are experiencing menopause symptoms, and, let me just state for the record, I am not going through it as of yet...Is it getting a little warm in here? Damn, I forgot what I was going to say! Hmm.


The 21st is listed as "Babbling Day." I truly would go bonkers listening to others mindlessly go on and on about nothing of importance. Something like I've been doing here.
So, I'll leave you with the most important one. And the only one that really makes any sense at all.
The 25th of October is officially "Mother-in-Law Day", not to be confused with "Cranky Co-workers Day" on the 27th. Although, if you don't particularly care for your mother-in-law -not naming names here- October's your month to let loose.

Oh, and just because...The 23rd of October is "Mole Day". Just thought some of you would like to know. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It's been a full, and at times, somewhat hectic year so far.

Hubby and I just spent a wonderful weekend over the border, a surprise getaway I originally wasn't to keen about when told to pack for it without knowing what we were doing or where we were going.
We arrived at our destination, Niagara-on-the-lake, and spent 2 full days enjoying the sights, food, and entertainment. It's been a couple years since I last attended a theatre performance and I wasn't disappointed when we arrived at the Shaw Festival for one of their performances. It wouldn't have been a play I would have picked, but I was happy to be there nonetheless. And while it was nice to get away, just the two of us, it was even better to get home to Kenna and Cruz.

Kenna's health issue has subsided somewhat and we are extremely relieved. It's been awhile since her last episode, but, we are very aware it can happen at any time, which made me a little nervous taking off over the border this past weekend. 

Cruz has had a few issues as well, and went in for testing. He had an EKG among other tests. He was such a little champ hooked up to the machines.  

My daughter has cut my days watching him from 5 to 3 days, he has now graduated to attending daycare 2 days a week, not because I needed the break, but, because he needed the interaction with other children, which I'd have to agree, he really did. He had become very clingy with me and would run to me when he'd become upset or hurt rather than going to his mother or father. I have often thought maybe it bothered my daughter, but she has reassured me, it does not. I actually teared up today saying goodbye to him knowing I won't see him for two weeks. Yes, we are off again. Which reminds me, I have to go pack.