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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That Lying Rodent

With the past history of my writings this post title could refer to something totally different, and I say that indignantly and could cite a few posts and web addresses here.  But I won't go there, not here, not now.

Spring officially starts tomorrow.  Yay!  That means warmer weather prompting those rising windows.  That means spring-cleaning, which includes washing the bleak winter's dirt from the outside of those windows.  That means tidying up the gardens underneath those clean opened windows.  But as I look out these muck ridden windows, I can see the ground is lightly dusted with a layering of snow and those white ice crystals that descend from above have started again. I despairingly watch with a stoic face (Would that be considered an oxymoron?) 

The lesson learned here -- Never trust a marmot, especially one that emerges from a hole in the ground, or would that be a snake?  Either way!